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Replacement Hydraulic Cylinders

Restore the power and efficiency of your industrial hydraulic equipment with Yates Industries leading replacement hydraulic cylinders.

Restored Power and Efficiency

Cylinders can suffer from a number of inefficiencies. Although your machinery may still be operational, you may not have the same pressure or speed that you need to stay at the forefront of your industry.

Inspect your industrial equipment today to determine whether you could use a repair or replacement service. A replacement hydraulic cylinder is a quick way to improve your productivity. A generous warranty gives you peace of mind as you occasionally operate specialized equipment or run your facility around the clock.

Around-the-Clock Repairs

If your facility doesn’t take the day off, neither do we. Work with our sales or repair staff at any time to order replacement hydraulic cylinders. Our 24/7 team is committed to providing affordable, dependable cylinders when you need them most. Don’t wait for office hours to keep your equipment operational, but order emergency cylinder replacement and installation services to avoid unnecessary downtime.

replacement hydraulic cylinders

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Cylinders We Rebuild

hydraulic cylinder componentsYates Cylinders manufactures and rebuilds world-class hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. They also provide state of the art cylinder repair services 24/7. Compare our wide range of hydraulic cylinders to find the ideal replacement for your equipment. Don’t let a damaged cylinder hold back your entire facility. Stay on the cutting edge of hydraulic performance and design with the help of Yates. Some of the types of cylinders we manufacture, repair and rebuild include:

  • NFPA Tie Rod
  • Welded
  • Mill Type
  • Double Acting
  • Single Acting
  • Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Tie Rod Cylinders

NFPA tie rod cylinders range in size and application. One of the most versatile types of replacement hydraulic cylinders, tie rods have bore sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 24 inches. Enjoy 23 different mounting options to secure your new cylinder in a convenient and efficient way. These cylinders are commonly found throughout a production facility, so you may require multiple sizes and mounting options to replace the inefficient tie rod cylinders at your job site.

All of our tie rod cylinders come with a three-year limited warranty, to ensure you feel confident in your replacement components. Choose one of our standard options or work with our engineers to create a custom part with a bore diameter up to 50 inches and up to 48 inches in length.

Welded Cylinders

These replacement hydraulic cylinders represent the pinnacle of durable construction for a demanding application. Choose a medium-duty, heavy-duty or severe-duty welded cylinder to handle up to 3,000 PSI. These components have bore sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 24 inches, with custom sizing available.

Choose a CPO or IHCP rod and compare screw-in glands and snap ring glands. Our cylinders are compatible with a range of OEMs for extreme applications in mills, construction equipment and other demanding processes. We have an extensive inventory of cylinders and replacement parts available to promptly restore your facility or equipment.

Mill Duty Cylinders

These cylinders offer extreme pressure capabilities without the use of a tie rod. Select a Yates Cylinders mill duty cylinder to replace your inefficient or inoperable equipment. We use the latest CAD technology to create high-quality cylinders for your exact needs.

Mill duty options range from two-inch bores to 24-inch options An IHCP rod provides up to 3,000 PSI for high-pressure applications. Our cylinders are designed to handle extreme wear and continuous use, so you can be confident in the quality and performance of your replacement cylinder.

Work With Yates Cylinders Today

Enjoy industry-leading replacement hydraulic cylinders from Yates Cylinders. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of premium cylinders. Order a standard cylinder size and configuration or work with us to create a custom solution that fits your manufacturing needs. Whether you need a new tie rod, welded or mill duty cylinder, we have the components that restore your company’s performance.

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